You never know when you might need to sell a family home with no time to make needed repairs or upgrades. We can help.

We often share stories about how people come to us when they need to sell a house quickly in its current condition. We never expected the story to come so close to home.

Health problems arose suddenly in close relatives of ours. One day, the couple was doing fine on their own, and the next day they needed help, and fast. Since we have a family member with home care experience, they moved to be near them.

That left a house (not the one in the photo above) that had been occupied by pets and not kept up with for a few years that they needed to sell in order to meet expenses. They knew they could not get “top dollar” for the house, even though it is in a pleasant neighborhood with a large lot, and has a gorgeous porch and deck.

We reached an agreement with the family to buy the house for less than market value, rather than wait months for it to sell at retail. We are now hoping to resell it to someone who will fix it up as a rental, or completely flip the house for a new family. We live too far away to do it ourselves, so now we are the ones selling a house for below market value.

If you know any investors in the Houston area looking for a wholesale purchase, visit our page on the property.