Each item on this custom shelving unit held much fascination.

One of the things that makes us happy in our work is when we can take a burden off a family who just doesn’t have the time to deal with a property, but need to sell to help with their other projects.

We recently have done this for some people we know in a small town, who are trying to find a new place to live and do a very large renovation on their business. Selling a sweet little house they inherited was just one thing too many for their very full schedules.

The happy yellow kitchen is in great shape for its age.

So, we took a look at the property, which had only had one owner since it was built (WOW) and still retained its 1950s charm. We rarely see vintage tile bathrooms and kitchen in such great condition.

The problem with the house was that it was chock full of its late owner’s possessions, and they were so fascinating that the people who inherited it that they just couldn’t pack the things up! The owner, a school teacher, kept meticulous records and labeled all her papers and photos.

Heck, even we fell into a deep hole of small-town history when we went to look at the house. It was clear that the things needed to be saved and categorized, but not right now.

The garage had its own treasures.

So, when we got a contract signed on the house, we sent a team over to carefully pack up the items, label them, and get them ready for storage. They only got a LITTLE delayed when they came upon the high school yearbooks and just had to look up some local people in their youth.

We’ve given this family a chance to concentrate on their immediate needs while feeling safe that their late relative’s treasures will not be lost.

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