My buddy the label maker.

It’s Sunday, so let’s take a break from the hard-hitting reporting we usually share (what? really?) for something fun. We have plenty of great stuff about our projects, and even about former projects for next week, but first, I want to talk about label makers.

That’s right. I think the label maker is one of the world’s best inventions. I have one for home and one for work. I realized I had not broken out the work label maker yet, which means I was always opening every single cabinet at the Hermits’ Rest Enterprises office to find stuff in the kitchen. So, I took a break from blogging and technical writing, and reorganized the kitchen (yes, I know it’s getting demolished soon, but not THAT soon).

The bottom ones are crooked becuse I had to move them from cabinets Lee plans to demolish ASAP.

Mandi came by to “help,” but she’s been really, really sick, so I made her just sit there and make labels. Maybe that was a mistake, since she labeled things exactly what I told her to. And she labeled the stove as well as the space where the refrigerator WOULD be, except we can’t get it downstairs.

We also washed all the dishes and glassware we found, so now we can eat and be good to the environment (on the other hand, the church left what looks like a lifetime supply of styrofoam plates that I guess we can use eventually). We did discover the extremely loud dishwasher’s heating element is not in great shape, so we’ll be air drying from now on. The dishwasher’s manual, which I found while reorganizing, stated that it was bought in 1991, so it’s led a fine life for an appliance.

If we only had a punch bowl we could feed a LOT of people punch.

I’ve already used the labels and happily found a plastic bag to re-use and then recycle. I am satisfied. Next, I’ll label all the light switches like I did in my house, even though I KNOW the first thing we are doing on this place is re-wiring.

All hail the label maker. All hail the ancient potholders (that’s the second drawer in the top left photo).

Ahh, I can find stuff.

It just makes me happy, OK?