I have a little case study about how we helped a family have a happier house. I share this to remind you that there are lots of ways we help people that don’t necessarily make us any money.

We got a message from someone who’d heard our local radio commercial (yes, we have one in our small town).  This potential client really wanted a happier house, but was worried that they’d soon have to make a big payment and lose the house, even with a lot of equity in it.

Together, we looked at the paperwork from their bank, discussed ways we could help them out, and thought hard. Then we looked at the bank information again, and realized there wasn’t a balloon payment coming up; just the interest rate was being adjusted as part of an ARM loan.

Whew. Both the people AND the house became happier! Sometimes it just takes another set of eyes to look things over and figure out what’s going on! We’d still like to help them figure out how to make needed repairs, but that’s for another day.