Hi everyone! Our team has been in Houston this week, learning more ways to help people with problem houses. It’s also been a great chance to talk about what’s going on in the city of Houston (and Beaumont and other places around here).

On our way here, we saw dozens and dozens of tow trucks. We realized those were cars that had been flooded and totaled by the owners’ insurance. Hmm. If you’re buying a used car in the near future, make sure it’s not one of those!

We’ve also talked to many of our fellow real estate redevelopers, and they have shared stories of how they or their families have had to start over, have received help, or just gave up. Today we are touring some flooded homes in person, to get ideas for how to rebuild these places.

Do you know anyone who has been hit by a disaster and just doesn’t have the strength or the will to rebuild? Perhaps they are one of the many people who were flooded, but didn’t have flood insurance, because their house was not in a flood plain. Don’t let them just abandon their old house. Put them in touch with us, or someone else like us who can give them at least some money for the property, to help them make their new start.

Feel free to phone us at 512-807-8777 and we will see what we can do, or refer you to someone who’d be happy to help. We all need to do what we can do to help areas affected by hurricanes and other disasters get back on their feet.

PS: as I write, another hurricane is bearing down on the Gulf Coast. We will keep donating money and time to help the people affected by this one, too.