I’ve been thinking a lot about an article Lee wrote recently. In it, he talks about how sometimes we forget to think about how much our time is worth when we use it to try to save money.

Think about what your own time is worth. $10, $25, $20 per hour or more? If you clip coupons to save $5, then spend extra time at the store finding the items, will it have cost you more in time that you could have been spending earning bucks than it saved you in money?

On a larger scale, how many hours are you spending trying to fix your house up to resell it? Are you paying retail for all your supplies? Might it actually net you more to have a contractor who can do the job faster at lower cost do the work? Or might you actually end up ahead by selling your house as-is to a professional rehabber?

Everyone’s time is worth a different amount to them. And some people have a lot more time than money. It’s not as easy to determine whether you are wasting time or money, or both.

These things are worth thinking about as you make your important financial decisions, especially when times are hard. If you could use some help figuring all this out, feel free to give us a call at 512-807-8777. We can let you know which of your options will be the best for you.