Maybe you want to sell your house, but you know there are a lot of structural issues. Your floors aren’t level. The ceiling is bulging. Rain and wind freely come in through the windows. You get it. You don’t just need to “put lipstick on the pig” with paint and flooring to get your house ready to sell. You need to do the hard stuff and make your house safe and sound.

Sometimes you look around and can’t even tell what it IS that you need to do to get a house ready for sale! Who do you turn to? Can you trust a contractor you hire to identify all that needs to be done?

And in the worst scenario, you manage to get an offer on your house and you find out what you need to do during the inspection. Sometimes you have to spend thousands to fix the house in order for the sale to go through. Or, you have to lower the price so the new owners can fix things. Or, your buyer backs out.

If this is going on, you do have options. We will be happy to buy your house in its current condition for what it’s worth now, saving you from expending the money to repair it. We have the expertise to identify issues with homes and repair them.

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