While we continue to hope to hear from you or someone you know, we are busy helping out others (and hoping to make a little money on the way). In the next week we will close on these properties:

  1. The Lakeland house, in Lago Vista, Texas. This is a sale. We bought the house from people who were having trouble selling it, due to its special location on a lake. They needed to be out so they could move closer to ailing relatives. This house took us a while to renovate and sell, but it is worth it. The buyers are teachers at the local school.
  2. The Taylor Homestead, in Taylor, Texas. This is a house that was partially renovated, but the owner ran out of funds. We will finish the renovation and find a new family to live there. That’s it in the photo.
  3. The Kerrville Folkways house, in Austin, Texas. This is a really cool house, but the owners had some financial issues, and there was a tax lien on the property. Most traditional buyers didn’t have the time to wait 6 months for the lien to clear up before closing, or to pay additional money to clear the lien. We did, so we have a fine house in a great neighborhood to fix up.

We closed on a house in Bryan, Texas last week. For that one, we helped someone who was having trouble selling a house from out of state that had been damaged by tenants. That renovation will start as soon as we accept a bid from a general contractor!

Don’t worry, though. We aren’t too busy to take on new projects or to help you figure out what’s best for your property. Call us at 512-807-8777.