Sometimes people give advice and tell you what will work, but then when it comes to their own lives, they do something completely different.

Well, not me. I listen to myself. I had a house I needed to move away from, and quickly. If I’d made all the improvements necessary to get the highest possible sales price, I would have had to spend quite a bit of money on flooring, paint, and little repairs. I’d have to replace carpet, put in more neutral light fixtures, paint the whole tan house gray…ugh. And paying someone to stage the house to perfection would have been another few thousand dollars.

So I took my own advice and sold the house for below retail. The buyer felt like they had a good deal, and had enough money to do the improvements they wanted, rather than ones to my taste. The house sold in a week, which will save me a lot of money in utility payments, mortgage payments, insurance and all that stuff, in addition to not having to keep the house perfectly clean for weeks and weeks, and pay people to fix it up.

Think about it. Imagine selling your house to us, and saving all that repair and maintenance money, and moving on to the new situation that is right for you. If this picture in your mind is a happy one, call us at 512-808-8777.